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All things are possible!


Continuing a Legacy, of faith, hard work, and education


George & Helen Sampson made a decision to do whatever they could to remove their children from the racist and sometimes violent segregated south of the 1940’s.  They believed that if their 12 children could receive a good education they would have a chance at a better life.


The Sampson legacy fund is in memory of our family members Gwen, James and Andrew Sampson. This fund also honors the example of faith, hard work and education that our parents showed us.   


The Sampson Legacy fund is dedicated to the education of young people and the educational institutions that serve them.



George and Helen Sampson a couple of humble beginning who have been in a loving relationship for more than 70 years and together raised 12 children.


All 12 children are the sole off spring of George and Helen and all have received secondary degrees.  4 of the children have Medical Degrees and 2 hold PHD Degrees for a total of 6 Doctors in the family.


All of 12 children have experienced success in their selected field of work and are committed to service to their community.


None of it would have been possible witout our faith, hard work and a good education.


While the family has always supported education domestically in 2009 the family traveled to Mozambique to build a school. This trip sparked a flame for a more unified collective efforts of philanthropy



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